Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm too tired to email everyone back, but everyone who submitted their payment today has been added on LiveJournal and should be able to see the test post.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


After digging through my spam (and man, did a lot of your emails end up there...something about the subject "first week's payment" really sets off the alarm bells at gmail) I've now added everyone (who's paid) on LiveJournal except beermankirk from 2+2.

I think I did, anyway. I updated the LiveJournal with a friends-only post titled "Test". If you can see it, you're good to go.

There's still the mystery of the three people who have added me on LJ but not submitted the first week's payment. Hey, there's still time. Just let me know when you do it.

Sorry to everyone who was inconvenienced. Damn spam filters...

First Half Stats

Yesterday: 2-5, -3.27 units

Week: 20-31-1, -9.66 units (ouch)

YTD: 314-314-6, +167.18 units (better)

I still haven't received LiveJournal usernames from three people who have paid already. Probably not coincidentally, there are also three people who added me as a LJ friend and I haven't reciprocated.

Remember that I need your payment info so I can make the connection between a payment source and a LiveJournal username. I'd hate to have to cut off someone's feed next week when they've sent their weekly payment well in advance, because I don't know who they are.

This means you:


Shoot me a 2+2 PM at crockpot, or an email at resultsdisoriented at gmail, with your LJ username, your method of payment and your username at Stars/PayPal email address.

Edit: It has come to my attention that several of you have attempted to email me with your info but gotten stuck in my spam folder. I'm going through it now.

Added 7/8 Plays

Fla (5i) +122
Tam-.5 (5i) +115

To those of you who won't be joining me at LiveJournal: thanks for the support, and it's been a (mostly) fun ride.


I've just posted a friends-only entry at the LiveJournal that reads:

"If you can see this message, it means you're good to go for receiving the first week's picks."

If you do not see this message when loading the blog over there, the most likely reason is that you haven't given me your LiveJournal info. Remember that you need to send me an email (or 2+2 PM) with your LiveJournal username along with your method of payment. If you paid via Stars transfer, let me know your Stars name also so I can connect the dots.

There's one user who has added me as a friend on LJ but I have no clue how he paid me. Get that info in to me; if I don't add you, you can't see the picks.

Several people have paid but not submitted their LiveJournal account name. If you don't have one, go sign up. It's free and takes 5 minutes, tops.

It's not necessary that you add me as a LJ friend (only that I add you) but it may make it easier to renew your subscription in case you miss a payment, so you're welcome to do this.

Edit: Feel free to submit payment for future weeks if you think it will make things simpler, but make sure you let me know so I don't lock you out in the middle of your subscription.

Edit 2: Even if you add me as a friend on LJ, I still don't know who you are and whether or not you've submitted your payments. Send me an email or PM so I can confirm this information. You will not be able to view the journal unless I add you as a friend, rather than the other way around.

July 8 Picks

Final reminder: We're moving to after today.

If you've already submitted your payment for next week's picks but haven't sent me your LiveJournal username (along with your payment info so I know you've paid), do so ASAP so I can give you access to the private blog entries. I'm not sure when they'll release lines for Thursday, but I'm liable to start placing bets as soon as they do, and you won't want to miss any.

In the spirit of preparation for next week, today I'll stick to lines that are available at a major outlet.

Pit +158
NYM +155
SD -139
LAA+1.5 -106 (2) - If you don't have Pinny, play LAA +176 for 1
Sea +166

Yesterday: 4-5, -0.13 units

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Boy, these early line movements are madness.

1:00 PM: Greek opens LAA+1.5 at -105. No one bets enough to move it off that number.
1:10 PM: CRIS opens LAA+1.5 at -110. No one bets enough to move it off that number.
1:35 PM: Pinnacle opens NYY-1.5 at +113. All of a sudden, everyone is interested in the CRIS and Greek odds. Both quickly shoot up to -125/+105 on that game.
1:50 PM: Pinnacle's run line on LAA/NYY has now moved to -106/-104. It's two cents away from being arb-able on the other side.